How to Line a Drawer with Velvet

Katherine Harder

Drawer liners beautify your drawers as well as protecting them from stains and scuffs. Velvet liners not only protect the drawer’s contents, but also cushion stored objects against the hard drawer bottom and prevent the objects from knocking against each other and sliding around inside the drawer. Certain types of velvet will protect precious silver objects from tarnish. Create a custom, removable velvet lining for your drawers that will protect your drawers and their contents without permanently altering them.

Take a cue from velvet lined jewelry boxes to create a nesting spot for breakable valuables.

Step 1

Pull out your drawer. Lightly lift up the drawer as you pull to remove the drawer from its runners.

Step 2

Measure the drawer’s bottom interior with the measuring tape. Transfer these measurements onto your poster board, and cut out the shape of your drawer’s bottom from the board.

Step 3

Place your velvet fabric face down over your work area. Put the poster board shape you just cut out over the fabric. Draw around the poster board shape with fabric chalk or pen. Cut out the shape you just drew with fabric scissors.

Step 4

Cover one side of the poster board with a layer of glue. Spread the glue evenly with a paintbrush. Starting at one corner, attach the matching underside of the velvet piece to the glue covered poster board. The “good side” of the velvet should face towards you.

Step 5

Allow the glue to dry completely. Fit the poster board covered piece of velvet to the inside of the drawer with the velvet side facing towards you. Replace the drawer onto its runners and into its cavity.