How to Paint a Rattan Chair

Rattan or wicker, often used on outdoor chairs, is made from reeds woven together to create a sturdy seating option. Rattan furniture is sometimes found indoors as well, especially in a sunroom or similar area. Update the furniture with new paint to make it feel more modern, fit into your decor or improve its look. The nooks created by the reed construction make it difficult to evenly coat rattan furniture with paint. Use proper application so you avoid drips or thin areas in the paint.

Paint gives a rattan chair a new look.

Step 1

Dust the rattan furniture with a feather duster or similar tool that won't leave remnants. Use a lint-free, dampened rag to wipe off dirty spots from the chair.

Step 2

Sand the rattan chair lightly with a piece of sandpaper, particularly if it's already painted or coated with a sealer. Sanding helps the paint adhere.

Step 3

Vacuum or use a feather duster to remove the sanding dust created on the chair. Vacuum up the area so the dust isn't kicked up onto the wet paint.

Step 4

Spread a dropcloth under the furniture to catch any paint spills. Place the rattan chair upright on the dropcloth.

Step 5

Spray the chair with spray paint in even, thin layers. Spray the upper visible areas during this painting session, including all recessed portions. Allow the paint to dry at least an hour or until dry to the touch.

Step 6

Turn the chair upside down to allow easy access to the bottom of the chair. Spray these areas of the chair the same way you did the top. Allow the chair to dry again.

Step 7

Repeat the painting process, allowing each coat to dry before moving on. Inspect the rattan chair to ensure paint is consistently covering the material. Touch up any areas that aren't covered completely.


  • Work in a well-ventilated area or outdoors to avoid fumes.
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