How to Choose Pillow Firmness

A pillow is an essential accessory for a good night's sleep.
Choose a pillow that suits your sleeping needs.
A good pillow supports you and helps you maintain your preferred sleeping position. The firmness of your pillow is a major factor in influencing how well you sleep at night. Choose a pillow that has the right amount of firmness for you by understanding your sleep position. Your comfort is paramount when you sleep, and an appropriate pillow is an instrumental part of getting the rest you require. .

Step 1

Record what position you wake up in each morning.

Step 2

Lie down on your bed naturally when you go to sleep and make a note of what position you naturally take. People may lay down on their sides, on their stomachs or their backs.

Step 3

Choose a pillow’s firmness based on your sleeping position. If necessary, ask a partner who sleeps with you to tell you which position you normally sleep in. Stomach sleepers do well with soft, very flat pillows, while back sleepers benefit from pillows with a medium grade of firmness, which is a standard designation for pillows. Side sleepers may do well with both very firm pillows and pillows with a medium grade of firmness.


  • Choose a pillow that keeps your spine straight as you sleep. The ideal pillow supports your neck and your head without putting any pressure on your spine.
  • Change your pillows every few years. Over time, pillows flatten and become less comfortable.
  • Fluff your pillows every day or every other day to keep them in good shape.


  • Avoid stacking pillows. If you stack your pillows, you need a fuller, firmer pillow.