How to Hide TV Cable on Hardwood Flooring

Television cables stand out on hardwood flooring and can make the room look messy and disorganized. Homeowners could hide the cables under a rug, but they may not want a rug right next to the entertainment stand. An easy way to hide the cables without unwanted decorative elements is to use electrical cord covers. These covers are usually made of PVC, and you can cover them with wood-grain contact paper to hide them.

Television cables may include speaker, game station and video playing components.

Step 1

Disconnect the cable from the back of the television. Slide the end of the cable into an electrical cord cover.

Step 2

Continue feeding the end of the cord into as many electrical cord covers, as necessary, to cover the length of the cord on the floor. Re-connect the cord to the back of the television.

Step 3

Measure the width and length of one of the cord covers. Cut a piece of wood-grain contact paper that matches your hardwood flooring to those measurements.

Step 4

Remove the adhesive backing from the contact paper and press it into place over the top of the cord cover. Repeat with each cord cover. Push the cord covers as close to the wall as possible or place a strip of double-sided tape onto the bottom of the cover and press it into the floor next to the wall.

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