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How to Enamel a Wood Stove

Kathryn Hatter

With age and regular use, a wood burning stove may need fresh paint periodically. Get a little creative with your painting project and consider choosing a bright or colorful paint that will coordinate with your other decor. After careful surface preparation, enamel a wood stove with a fresh coat of spray paint specially created to stay beautiful on high-heat surfaces.

Resurface a wood stove with a fresh coat of enamel paint.

Step 1

Move the wood stove outdoors, if possible, to prepare and paint it. As long as the temperature ranges between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, spray painting outdoors is ideal because you can spread tarps more readily to protect the area from paint and primer overspray.

Step 2

Spread plastic tarps on the ground and place the wood stove on the tarps.

Step 3

Brush the surfaces of the stove with the wire brush to remove all flaking and loose paint. Continue working carefully until you brush away every fleck of flaking paint from all surfaces of the stove.

Step 4

Saturate the cleaning cloth with white vinegar and wash the surfaces of the stove after brushing to loosen any remaining paint. Allow the white vinegar to dry on the stove surface.

Step 5

Brush the stove a second time to remove any remaining paint.

Step 6

Sand the stove with sandpaper to scuff all surfaces lightly and to continue removing loose paint. Wipe the stove with the tack cloth after sanding to remove any dust you created with the sandpaper.

Step 7

Tape off any portions of the stove that you do not want to paint, such as glass windows on the door. Cover these areas completely with small pieces of sheet plastic and painter’s tape.

Step 8

Shake the primer can for about three minutes to mix the contents in the can thoroughly. Holding the can about 12 to 14 inches away from the stove surface, spray all surfaces with a light and even layer of primer. Allow the primer to dry for the time recommended on the label.

Step 9

Shake the enamel spray paint and apply it in the same fashion as you applied the primer. Cover the stove with a thin layer of paint and then allow it to dry for the time recommended on the paint label. Apply a second coat of paint to the stove and allow it to dry completely also.

Step 10

Remove the plastic and painter’s tape and move the stove back indoors.