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How to Paint Fridge Handles

David Harris

Refrigerator door handles are made from different material than the rest of the appliance. This texturized rubber is not only difficult to clean but will not work with a traditional paint and brush job. Since the handles are used over and over, the oils of your hand can break down the paint, giving them a worn look -- even if the rest of the appliance still looks somewhat new. With proper techniques, your refrigerator handle can look as good as new.

Your fridge handles see a lot of wear, leading to faded paint.

Step 1

Unscrew and remove the handles from your refrigerator. Set the screws aside.

Step 2

Scrub down the handles in the sink with hot water and soap, cleaning away any grime or dirt stuck to them.

Step 3

Dry the handles in a well-ventilated area on newspapers or old towels.

Step 4

Sand the door handles with fine-grit sandpaper until they attain a rough texture, which promotes adhesion.

Step 5

Spray the handles with latex spray primer, keeping a space of about 8 inches between the handles and the nozzle. Allow the handles at least three hours to dry.

Step 6

Spray the handles with acrylic spray enamel, maintaining the same distance as with the primer. Allow the paint three hours to dry. Apply a second coat if needed.

Step 7

Screw the handles back on the refrigerator once the paint is fully dry.