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How to Repaint Stihl Chainsaws

Ashton Daigle

Stihl chainsaws are one of the more popular brand of chainsaws among both homeowners and contractors. The orange-colored casing and the Stihl logo imprinted on the chainsaw blade are familiar sights to those who use them. One way to keep your Stihl chainsaw looking as new as the day you bought it is to paint the casing from time to time after careful cleaning. It will take a few hours to paint your Stihl chainsaw and allow it to dry.

Step 1

Spread old newspaper out on a work bench and set your Stihl chainsaw on it.

Step 2

Thoroughly spray the painted portions of your Stihl chainsaw with a spray degreaser. Some spray lubricants, like WD-40, will also work.

Step 3

Wait 10 minutes before wiping the degreaser and then use old shop cloths to clean the painted portions of your chainsaw. On your Stihl, the front handles and the squeeze trigger are black in color, while the casing and the area around the trigger are orange.

Step 4

Open the black can of paint, dip your brush in, and paint the front handles. Allow your chainsaw to sit in its normal, upright position while you paint these sections. Once the black paint dries, you can turn the saw onto its right side. Paint the upturned section of handle and then allow it to dry. Once that side dries, flip your Stihl over onto its left side and finish painting that section.

Step 5

Paint the trigger and the top section of your Stihl's rear handle. Close up the bottle of black paint when you are done and clean your brush with mineral spirits or turpentine.

Step 6

Open the bottle of orange paint, dip the brush in, and paint the top casing of your Stihl until it is completely covered. Allow the casing to dry.

Step 7

Place a brick or wood block on the newspaper and set your Stihl down on it. This will give you some room to reach all areas of the rear handle.

Step 8

Paint the rear handle with the orange paint and allow it to dry.