Taymor Door Closer Mounting Instructions

Affixed between a door frame and a door, Taymor door closers use a spring system that forces doors to close automatically. The speed at which the door closes can be adjusted to one of three settings on the closer's speed regulating valve. Taymor door closers are designed for placement near the top of a door. They can be purchased in complete sets, with no additional parts required. However, tools are not provided. Some Taymor kits use flathead screws, while others come with Phillips-head screws.

Door closers are often used in commercial establishments.

Step 1

Open the Taymor door closer set to inspect the parts. If any parts are missing or damaged, contact the manufacturer and ask for replacement parts.

Step 2

Measure approximately 4 inches down from the top of the inside of the door on the hinged side. Mark the line heavily with a pencil.

Step 3

Hold the main body of the door closer up to the door and align it with the pencil mark. Ensure it's level. Use your pencil to color in the holes in the door closer so you know where to drill.

Step 4

Drill small starter holes through each pencil mark.

Step 5

Place the main body back on the door after you drill the four starter holes. Place a screw in the farthest left hole and tighten it with a screwdriver. Place a screw in the hole on the far right and tighten it before applying the other two screws.

Step 6

Close the door and align the arm shoe with the main body by placing it on the door frame. Mark the locations of the starter holes by coloring the holes in the arm shoe with your pencil. Remove the arm shoe and drill the starter holes just as you did for the main body.

Step 7

Place the arm shoe back on the door frame and affix it using the screws provided in the kit. Drive in the outside screws before you apply the inner screws.

Step 8

Pull the end of the forearm out until it meets the main body at a 90-degree angle while the door is closed. Affix the forearm to the main body arm by inserting the bolt provided in the kit. Use a wrench to tighten the bolt. Put the pinion cap on the shaft beneath the closer and snap it in place.

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