How to Make Corners for an Upholstered Headboard

Danielle Odom

When upholstering a headboard, the corners are the most difficult part. Neat and square corners give the headboard an expensive and professional appearance without the expense of having it finished. Thicker fabrics work better for upholstery projects — such as a home decor or outdoor fabric — but these thicker fabrics with create a more difficult corner crease. Luckily, with just a few extra minutes you can fold these corners to give your project a smooth and elegant appearance.

Sloppy corners will make a headboard look messy.

Step 1

Secure the fabric to the headboard on the back with staples along the top, bottom and sides. Space the staples no more than 2 inches apart. Stop securing the fabric 2 inches from the corner.

Step 2

Turn the headboard right side down with the top edge of the headboard at the top edge of the work surface.

Step 3

Pull the corner to the right out away from the headboard, keep the fabric tight and staple along the top edge until you reach the end of the top edge. Staple 2 inches below the last staple on the end to secure the bottom edge of the fabric.

Step 4

Pull the corner as far to the left as you can, keeping the fabric tight. Look at the corner to see whether there are folds or ripples in the fabric. If there are, bring the corner back to the right and pull down and to the left to remove the folds. Secure the corner with staples every inch.

Step 5

Repeat for the other corners.