How to Check Filter Lights on LG TROMM Dryers

LG TROMM brand dryers come with several indicator lights across the top of the control panel that inform the user when the appliance is drying, cooling or running the wrinkle care cycle. The "Check Filter" light automatically flashes for a few seconds when the dryer is first turned on to remind the user to empty the lint trap; it goes off once the cycle begins. To keep your appliance running safely and efficiently, you should regularly clean the filter in one of several ways.

Step 1

Open the dryer door, and locate the filter screen in its slot in the bottom of the door frame. Pinch the top, and pull the filter up and out.

Step 2

Wipe the accumulated lint into a ball with your fingers, and discard it. You should do this at the start of every cycle.

Step 3

Vacuum out any stubborn pieces of lint with a vacuum cleaner. You might find it easier to use a vacuum cleaner instead of your fingers at the start of each cycle.

Step 4

Wash the filter in a sink of warm soapy water every few months to remove any laundry soap residue that might have accumulated on the screen. Thoroughly dry the filter with a cloth, then return it to the dryer.

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