How to Calculate How Much Carpet Is Needed for Pattern Matching

Chelsea Fitzgerald

Obtaining the correct measurements is particularly important in carpets with patterns because you have to ensure that the pattern matches. Adding an extra amount to your measurements allows you to accommodate any waste during the installation. Waste occurs when the installer has to form seams in the flooring and cut the carpet for irregular shapes. Lining up the carpet pattern during installation -- particularly detailed patterns, such as plaids -- ensures that the carpeting has a unified look.

New carpeting transforms the look of your home.

Step 1

Start measuring the length of the room where you want to install the carpeting. If there is a doorway in this section of the room, place the tape measure in the middle of the doorway, rather than against the baseboard. Write down the numbers as you take all the measurements.

Step 2

Stretch the tape measure along the width of the room, measuring from the center of any existing doorway if it has one. If not, measure from one baseboard to the other.

Step 3

Calculate the square yardage necessary to carpet the room by multiplying the length times the width. Write down the sum.

Step 4

Repeat the calculations for each room where you are installing the same carpet. Add all the square yards together.

Step 5

Add 10 percent to the total sum to allow for waste and pattern matching. Take this number with you to the carpet store.