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Repairing Water-Damaged Laminate Furniture

Christina Sloane

Laminate panels are installed over inexpensive furniture surfaces to create the illusion of hardwood or stone. Unfortunately, moisture can seep into the edges of laminate sheets, causing lifting, bubbling and warping. To restore the flat appearance of laminate, you will need to remove the damaged paneling and apply replacement adhesive.

Restore warped laminate furniture with contact cement.

Step 01

Peel the damaged edge of laminate away from the rest of the furniture. As you peel, apply contact cement release agent with a syringe to dissolve the glue that holds the laminate in place.

Step 11

Leave the removed laminate panel and furniture in a well-ventilated, low-humidity area to dry out thoroughly.

Step 21

Spread new contact cement over the furniture’s surface and replace the laminate panel. Roll out the laminate with a rolling pin to eliminate any wrinkles and bubbles.

Step 31

Place large, heavy books or any other flat weights evenly on top of the laminate surface then install C-clamps around the edges of the laminate to keep it in place until the cement dries.