How to Hang Bottles From the Ceiling

Louise Lawson

Hanging bottles add a quirky vibe to any space, and give you the chance to show off valuable antique glass bottles you may have locked away. Hanging bottles can be painted different colors, or filled with small lights to add brightness and funky flair to drab rooms. You can even store small decorative pins or knick knacks in them. They are a great way to recycle everything from vintage bottles to empty glass canning jars into personalized art.

Recycle empty bottles into unique hanging decorations.

Step 01

Spray each bottle with adhesive remover, and let it soak in to loosen the glue on the label. Peel the label away from the bottle after 5 minutes of soaking.

Step 11

Wash each bottle in a sink full of hot, soapy water. Scrub down the face of the bottle with a scrubbing pad to remove leftover bits of label and glue, and invert the bottle on a towel to dry.

Step 21

Run a stud finder over the ceiling in the area you want to hang the bottles in. Set the ladder up directly under the spot, and ask a helper to support it as you climb up. Hold the stud finder flat against the ceiling, and move it from left to right. Listen for the stud finder to beep, or watch for the indicator light on the front to flash when it locates a beam. Mark the area with pencil.

Step 31

Insert an eye screw directly into the beam. Press the pointed end of the screw into the ceiling, twisting it slowly with your fingers. Turn the screw until all of the threads are embedded in the beam.

Step 41

Cut a length of fine gauge wire, and wrap one end around the bottom of the screw three times. If your bottles are large or heavy, wrap the wire a few more times for extra stability. The length of the wire depends on how far down you want the bottles to hang. For example, if you want a bottle to hang 4 feet off the ground, cut a 6-foot length of wire to give you enough extra wire to wrap around the screw and the bottle.

Step 51

Wrap the remaining end of the wire around the neck of the bottle, twisting the wire as tight as possible to keep the bottle from slipping out. This works best on a bottle with a slight lip for the wire to sit snug against. Cut off excess wire, and gently let go of the bottle to make sure the wire is strong enough to support it.