How to Cover Stair Risers

Stair risers are the portions of the stair that give the stairs height by lifting the treads, which are the parts of the stairs that you step on. As you ascend the stairs, the stair risers are highly visible. If you are tired of your stained stair risers or even if your stair risers simply look a little boring compared to the rest of your home décor, cover them up. Paint, decals and paper are all excellent ways to cover the risers, giving them a more interesting look.

White risers open up the stairway and reflect more light.

Step 1

Paint the risers using paint and a paintbrush, leaving the treads bare. This gives a unique stepped look to your stairs, as the wood of the treads contrasts with the vivid coloring of the risers. Paint the risers to match the décor in your home, or paint them stark white for a very clean and modern look.

Step 2

Paint your risers, then cover them further with decals. Decals give you a number of shapes to play with, ranging from geometric to curvy and organic, and they give your stairs a whimsical touch. Consider the shapes that you like to decorate with, and repeat them when choosing your decal designs.

Step 3

Cut contact paper to match the size and shapes of your stair risers, and stick the paper to the risers. Contact paper is typically used to line shelves, and because of this, it is sturdy and stain-resistant. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and it is an inexpensive solution when you want to cover your stair risers.