How to Make Basement Windows Secure From Burglars

A few security tools can keep basement windows secure from burglars.
Deter burglars from seeing your basement windows as an entry point.
Cost-effective solutions include evaluating the area and what may deter or invite burglars to scope out the basement windows. Tools you can install, including various types of locks, are effective, but the windows need to remain accessible from the inside in case you or your family need to use them as a fire escape. .

Step 1

Remove shrubs and plants from around basement windows to make them more visible, or install thorny bushes around the windows to deter burglars.

Step 2

Place window-well covers over the wells of basement windows and install a locking system inside the well. This locks the window well, but since you can unlock it from the inside it doesn't prevent you from using it as a fire escape.

Step 3

Install keyless locks or security bars on the windows to prevent entry, but keep them easy to open in case you need to escape.

Step 4

Replace the basement windows with shatterproof glass or apply a security film to the windows. Both prevent the windows from shattering when struck by a hard object.

Things You Will Need

  • Window-well covers with locks
  • Keyless locks or security bars
  • Shatterproof glass or security film

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