Things You Put on the Floor to Cover Seams

Alane Michaelson

Seams are inevitable with many types of flooring in large rooms. These seams occur where separate pieces of the flooring meet, including carpeting, laminant wood and linoleum. A poorly-installed floor may show these seams from the beginning of its life, and over time flooring pieces can become worn or begin to curl, making the seams obvious. Covering the seams can extend the life of your floor and improve the appearance of your room.

Protecting your floor is important after installation.

Step 1

Examine the seam in your floor and determine the best way to cover it. If the seam is damaged, it is important to cover and protect it from further wear. A brand-new seam should also be covered for cosmetic reasons and to prevent damage.

Step 2

Rearrange your furniture to cover the seam with a large piece of furniture if possible. For example, position your couch on top of a seam in the carpeting of your living room. The couch will protect the seam from foot traffic and keep it out of sight. If your seam is already becoming worn, a large piece of furniture is an easy way to hide the damage until you replace the flooring.

Step 3

Place an area or runner rug on top of the seam if you cannot position furniture over it. Like furniture pieces, a small area or runner rug can cover and protect seams on a floor. Select a rug that complements the colors of your room and is large enough to cover the entire seam. Remember to use rug tapes to keep the rug from slipping.

Step 4

Coat the floor with polish or seam coater if you have vinyl or laminant wood flooring. Polishing is recommended on laminant wood flooring and seam coater is recommended for vinyl flooring. The shine from these products disguise the seam while conditioners protect the flooring from drying out. Apply these products following manufacturer's instructions.

Step 5

Nail a threshold trip over the seam if it is located in a doorway or transition from room to room. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing your threshold strip and ensure the piece is narrow enough to fit under a door.