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Homemade Sun Shades for a Riding Lawn Mower

Chris Newton

Sun shades on riding lawnmowers not only provide the comfort of shade, but also protect your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun. In addition, they protect you from getting hit with debris from above while mowing your yard. If you prefer to make your own sun shade rather than buy one, you can do so with a few inexpensive materials.

Manufacturers make sun shades for riding mowers or you can make one yourself.

Step 1

Measure the width and length of the riding area, or the area you want the shade to cover. This helps determine what size sun shade to build.

Step 2

Buy a metal frame roughly the size of your desired sun shade dimensions. Buy a piece of plywood, plastic, vinyl or preferred material for the roof of your sun shade, adding about 2 inches more on each side than the dimensions of your frame.

Step 3

Drill holes along the top of the frame, about 1 foot apart.

Step 4

Place the plywood or shade material on top of the frame. Use a pencil to mark where the frame holes are on the plywood. Drill holes in the plywood that line up to the holes on the frame.

Step 5

Attach the plywood or cover to the frame using bolts and washers.

Step 6

Mark on your mower where you wish to attach the frame. The frame should attach behind the driver's seat and should attach to the body of the mower, not the motor. Measure across the mower body from one point to the other, and take note of this measurement.

Step 7

Attach two metal poles to the back of the frame. These should be the same distance apart as the measurement you took on your mower. Use a drill, bolts and washers to attach the poles. The length of the poles is up to you; this length determines the height of the sun shade when attached to the mower. It should be high enough for you to get in and out of the mower comfortably, as well as sit and operate the mower comfortably.

Step 8

Attach the two poles to the mower body where you marked. Use a drill, heavy duty bolts and washers. Make sure the sun shade legs are securely fastened to the mower body.