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How to Attach a Drum Shade to a Chandelier

Cadence Johansen

Drum shade chandeliers are common in many homes. In addition, many homeowners use drum shades to cover outdated chandeliers. Instead of completely replacing the chandelier with a new drum shade chandelier, homeowners simply attach a drum shade to the old chandelier. This can be tricky because many drum shades are not designed for this purpose. A little creativity and a few tips will help you to get the look you desire.

Drum shades are an easy and inexpensive way to dress up an outdated chandelier.
  1. Decide how high you want the drum shade placed on the chandelier. The drum shade can be positioned to cover the entire chandelier or positioned so that the bottom portion of the chandelier peeks out from under the shade.

  2. Cut a wooden dowel to fit across the inside of the drum shade. The wooden dowel should fit tightly into the top of the drum shade. Use a hacksaw to cut the wooden dowel to size.

  3. Locate the link on the chain that coordinates with the top of the drum shade. Slip the wooden dowel through that link on the chain.

  4. Apply a small amount of tacky glue to the ends of the wooden dowel. Slip the drum shade onto the wooden dowel. Wrap masking tape around the wooden dowel and drum shade. This should keep the drum shade in place while the glue dries. Remove the tape when the glue has finished drying.