How to Fix a Door With Large Gaps

Large gaps around an exterior door can lead to a waste of energy as it allows heated or cooled air to escape the house. V-strips made of stainless steel, copper, bronze or aluminum can fill large or small gaps between the door and the frame, sealing the space from air transfers. The metal V-strips create a tension seal that presses against the sides and top of the door when it is closed. The V-strips are durable and longer lasting than similar strips made of vinyl. Installation is simple with self-adhesive varieties of V-strip weatherstripping. Large gaps will be closed for good with durable, spring metal V-strips in place.

Large gaps in the front door can make your home less energy efficient.

Step 1

Measure each side of the door frame and along the top.

Step 2

Cut the metal V-strips to match the measurements from the door.

Step 3

Hold one of the side pieces up to the frame to ensure a tight fit. The open side of the V-strip should face to the outside. Trim as needed. Repeat with the other side piece and the top piece.

Step 4

Hold two pieces of V-strip at the corner of the door frame. Trim as needed to ensure the two strips come together in a tight seal. Repeat with the other corner.

Step 5

Remove the adhesive backing for one of the side strips. Press it into place on the door frame. Run your fingers up and down to eliminate any air bubbles. Repeat this process with the other side strip and the top strip.

Step 6

Use a screwdriver to flare open the V-strip, using gentle pressure to bend it wider. Move the screwdriver around the entire door frame. Open and close the door a few times to ensure the V-strips don't interfere with its operation.

Things You Will Need

  • Self-adhesive metal V-strip roll
  • Measuring tape
  • Metal cutters
  • Screwdriver

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