How to Build Bamboo Fence Panel Frames

Bamboo fencing is a versatile construction material that saves trees since bamboo is a grass. This is a quick growing renewable resource. Making a bamboo panel fence uses a minimum amount of wood to hold the bamboo fencing in place. Bamboo fences act as barriers for both noise and privacy. One way to construct a bamboo fence is to create panels and install them in sections.

Bamboo is a grass that is treated like a wood product.

Step 1

Measure the opening between fence posts with a tape measure. Cut two, 2-by-4-inch boards into 5-foot sections with a saw for the sides of the frame. Subtract 4 inches from the measurement of the space and cut two boards to that length. These are the top and bottom boards.

Step 2

Line the bottom board up with one of the side boards with the 4-inch lengths together. Nail the side board to the bottom board with 3-inch nails. Attach the top board in the same way. Nail the other side board to the bottom and top boards so it creates a rectangle.

Step 3

Place the frame on a level surface and lay the bamboo fencing on top of the frame. Line up the top and one side with the frame. Staple the fencing to the frame placing a staple every 2 to 4 inches. Once all the corners and sides are secured, trim the excess bamboo fencing off with a sharp pair of heavy-duty shears. Do not leave the excess fencing in place since it will give the fence an untidy look.

Step 4

Line the side edge of the frame up with the fence post keeping the frame 2 inches from the ground. Hold the frame tightly against the post and secure it with long wood screws using an electric screwdriver. Screw in the other side of the frame to the other fence post. Finish the fence by creating more bamboo fence panels and putting them in place.


  • Bamboo is a durable grass that is treated just like wood products. The chance of rotting increases if the bamboo is in direct contact with the ground.
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