How to Build a Roof for a Firewood Holder

Dry firewood burns easier and longer than wet logs.
Construct a roof over your firewood to keep it dry when it rains and snows.Construct a roof over your firewood to keep it dry when it rains and snows.
Keeping your firewood dry is essential to having it readily available during the long, cold winter months. If your firewood holder consists of small posts, you’ll need to add at least 8-foot posts to build a roof with a comfortable height. When you build your firewood holder, include a slanted roof covered with a layer of tin sheeting to keep the wood dry and promote water run-off.

Step 1

Install the 8-foot 4-by-4-inch posts in the shape of a rectangle in the desired size for your firewood holder. If you have existing short posts, simply add the four posts next to the existing posts.

Step 2

Set 3-foot long 2-by-4-inch rafters horizontally across the front and back side posts. Screw the boards in place with 6-inch wood screws.

Step 3

Connect one 3-foot 2-by-4-inch board vertically from the center of the two side rafters. Angle two 2 1/2-foot 2-by-4-inch boards on each side of the vertical board to create a triangle. Secure the boards in place with the wood screws.

Step 4

Connect one 2-by-4-inch board from the vertical boards on each side across the length of the wood holder to create a stabilizer for the plywood roof. Secure the board with wood screws.

Step 5

Attach 2-by-4-inch boards across the length of the front and back of the firewood holder. Secure the boards with the wood screws.

Step 6

Nail 3-foot long 2-by-4-inch boards at an angle from the stabilizer to the bottom board on each side of the roof. Begin at one end and secure a board every 24 inches. These rafters will provide a strong frame for the plywood.

Step 7

Hold the top edge of a piece of plywood to the top center roof rafter. Begin at one corner and nail the plywood in place with the 4-inch nails. Pound a nail in place every 2 inches. Nail the bottom edge of the plywood to the boards. Secure the other piece of plywood to the other side of the wood holder.

Step 8

Nail the metal roofing sheets over the plywood. The metal protects the plywood material and creates a water proof barrier for the firewood.

Things You Will Need

  • 4-by-4 posts, 8 feet long
  • 4, 3-feet long 2-by-4-inch boards
  • 4, 2 1/2-feet long 2-by-4-inch boards
  • Drill
  • 6-inch wood screws
  • 2 pieces 3-foot high of plywood cut to fit the length of the wood holder
  • 4-inch nails
  • Hammer
  • 2 metal roofing sheets


  • Use a post hole digger to secure the posts in place if you’re building a permanent fixture.
  • Place the firewood holder against an outbuilding and secure one angled board to the building and holder.
  • Add gutters if desired.

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