How to Install Your Billy Bookcase Glass Doors

Billy bookcases are an exclusive product available from IKEA stores and its online shop.
The bookcases come in several colors, including white and a blackish-brown color. IKEA also sells the bookcases in different sizes, which lets customers create their own unit that looks custom made. You can turn your bookcase into a china cabinet or glass case with the addition of glass doors. When installing Billy bookcase glass doors, make sure that you purchase the right size doors.

Step 1

Lay the assembled Billy bookcase flat on the floor. Find the exact center of the bookcase. For example, if you have one of the seven-shelf bookcases, you want to mark the fourth shelf, which is the center of the bookcase.

Step 2

Turn the bookcase over on its side and set the flat bracket--part number 108444--in the inside, on the mark you made in the first step. The flat bracket has three large holes and three small holes with a curved end. Slide the piece down, so the end wraps over the edge of the bookcase. Sink two screws through the bracket and into the bookcase.

Step 3

Find piece number 121040, which comes with the door. Set the piece on the flat bracket at an angle and press down. You should hear a soft click as the piece locks into place. This piece keeps the door firmly closed on the bookcase.

Step 4

Place part number 109221 on the left side of the bottom shelf. Line up the holes in the part with the holes on the shelf and screw the part into place. Repeat this step, placing a second piece on the top shelf and third on the next shelf down. The pieces should have an uppercase A and B engraved on the front.

Step 5

Turn the door over and look for small holes on the back. Find the caps, which have a flat back and a raised circle on the front. Place one of the caps against one of the holes and push down until it snaps into place. Repeat this step with each of the caps.

Step 6

Find the small circles on the back of the door. The bookcase door should come with three pieces--part number 109336--which fit over those holes. Line one piece up with the holes at the top of the door and screw three screws through the piece and into the door. Repeat with the other two parts.

Step 7

Set the door on the front of the bookcase and line up the 109336 pieces with the brackets. Slide the pieces together and sink a screw through the two pieces. The pieces should each have a hole that lines up together with the screw going through each piece and into the bookcase.

Things You Will Need

  • Billy bookcase
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Mounting hardware, included
  • Screws, included


  • Finish your installation by plugging small plastic caps into the holes on the bottom of the door. When you shut the door, the hinges on the side should move smoothly and easily.
  • Make sure that you have every piece on the included list before beginning installation. Contact IKEA if any piece is missing from the door.

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