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How to Disconnect a GE Dishwasher

Shara JJ Cooper

Installing a new dishwasher yourself can save you some money, but first you'll need to make room for your new appliance. This is easily done by carefully disconnecting all the wires, pipes and hoses that lead to your General Electric dishwasher. Be careful as you work and make sure you take the necessary precautions to ensure you don't electrocute yourself or flood the kitchen. Once your GE appliance is out, you are ready to install your new machine.

Step 1

Close the water valve to the dishwasher, which is usually located under the sink, next to the dishwasher. Turn off the water to the house to prevent any unexpected leaks. The main house valve is often located near the hot water heater, in the garage or outside the home. Turn all valves clockwise.

Step 2

Shut off the electricity to the dishwasher using the control panel. You can flip the breaker to the kitchen. If the circuits aren't labeled properly, turn off the master breaker as an extra precaution. If the area is not well lit, you'll need a flashlight to see what you're doing.

Step 3

Unscrew the metal screws that keep the access panel at the bottom of the GE dishwasher in place. Use either a flathead or Phillips screwdriver, depending on the type of screw. Pull the access panel away so you can reach underneath it.

Step 4

Detach the water line that is located at the front and to the left of the dishwasher. Use an open-end box wrench and turn counter-clockwise. Pliers might work in a pinch, but a wrench makes the job much easier. Wipe up any excess water with a rag.

Step 5

Disconnect all the wires in the metal junction box, which is at the front bottom part of the GE dishwasher that was previously covered by the access panel. The junction box contains black and white wires and a green ground wire. You'll need a screwdriver to remove the ground wire. The black and white wires can usually be unscrewed by hand. Make sure they are all unattached.

Step 6

Unscrew the hose clamp from around the drain line. Wipe up with a rag any excess water that leaks out of the pipe. Loosen the hose clamp with your fingers or use a flathead screwdriver, depending on the type of clamp.

Step 7

Unclip the metal clips that are located at each side of the access panel opening. Pop these clips, which hold the GE dishwasher in place, open with your fingers.

Step 8

Grasp the GE dishwasher on each side and carefully ease it out of its space. Have someone assist you by easing the drain line out through the hole next to the sink.