How to Repair a Bosch Nexxt Premium Front Load Washer

Robert Morello

The Bosch Nexxt premium series of front loading clothes washers is a top of the line offering which offer a digital display, a variety of special wash cycle settings, and special features like auto load adjust, and a balance detector. If your Bosch Nexxt Premium front load washer is giving you trouble, the process of locating the cause and fixing the issue may require a bit of familiarity with the machine, and some trial and error.

The Bosch Nexxt premium washing machine is loaded with features.

Step 1

Check your home circuit breakers or fuses if your Bosch Nexxt washer fails to power up at all. A loss of power will cause all systems of your machine to cease functioning, the digital display to turn off and the front door to lock in the closed position. If your circuit breakers have tripped, return it to the “on” position. If a fuse has blown, replace it and test the washer again. Check that your washer plug is firmly inserted into an electrical outlet or you risk the same problems.

Step 2

Inspect your water supply lines if the washer fails to fill in preparation for a wash cycle. If the lines are damaged, folded or otherwise blocked, make the appropriate repairs and try the washer again. Check that the wall-mounted water supply shutoff valves behind your washer are in the on position, so that water may flow.

Step 3

Inspect your water supply lines for a clog if the shutoff valves are in the on position, and the lines are without obstruction, but the machine still fails to fill. Locate the water supply lines at the top of the rear panel. Unscrew each line from the machine by hand. Use your pliers to remove the wire mesh filter from the water supply line-mounting valve in the rear of your machine. Clean away any dirt or debris from the filter with running water, then replace the filters and the hoses. Test the machine.

Step 4

Inspect both the water supply, and drain lines if your Bosch Nexxt washer is leaking water. A hole in the drain line or an improperly installed water supply line can result in overflow onto the floor around your machine. If there is a hole in the drain line, remove and replace it. If the leak is coming from the water supply line, unscrew the line from its point of attachment on the rear of the machine, and reinstall in so the threads are square. Run the machine and check for leaks.

Step 5

Use less detergent per wash if your digital display reads "E:04,” and the washing drum is not filled with water. This warning indicates a blockage caused by too many soap suds that have filled the water pump and are causing it to fail. Turn the cycle selector switch to the off position and then select drain to clear up the blockage.