Instructions for Installing a Sunjoy Industries Aluminum Gazebo

Gazebos are multifunctional structures that add shade, shelter and a decorative touch to any yard, garden or patio. Unlike traditional wooden gazebos, aluminum models are readily available both online and at local retail and home improvement stores. Following a few relatively easy steps, any able-bodied homeowner can assemble and install a Sunjoy aluminum gazebo in a short period of time.

A gazebo adds cover to your patio, enabling you to create an outdoor room.

Step 1

Prepare for installation by unpacking all parts and lay them out on a level surface. Consult the Sunjoy assembly manual to make sure you have all of the necessary components and to determine the tools you will need. The type of tools used to assemble aluminum gazebos varies depending on the Sunjoy model that you have purchased. For example, to assemble the Belletti gazebo, you need only a hammer. Other models, such as the Adagio, require a screwdriver for assembly.

Step 2

Assemble each of the four corners. Begin at one of the corners; assemble each of the four sets of connecting poles, snapping each component together and connecting each set into the appropriate corner. This connects all four gazebo corners, creating a square that is approximately 10 feet across.

Step 3

Attach the top frame poles together, snapping each corresponding connector pole into place. Make sure all pieces are properly locked into the connecting pole before connecting into it the center fitting. Connect the top frame to each corner, using the corner connectors.

Step 4

Place the canvas canopy over the aluminum gazebo, securing each corner and attaching the Velcro straps around the connecting poles on the inside of the canopy. Hang the mosquito netting on the connector poles.

Step 5

Complete your gazebo’s installation by staking it into the ground. Sunjoy gazebos come with “pegs” or ground stakes that will secure the structure to the ground, providing additional stability.

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