How to Install a Frieze Board

Tanya Khan

A frieze board is a decorative trim mounted over a house or building’s siding or soffit to enhance its appearance and make its overhang appear taller. The length of 1-by-6-inch lumber is typically installed between the brickwork and the eave to seal gaps, thereby preventing moisture and insects from coming through and finding their way into the attic. Ensure the ladder you are using is tall and sturdy, so you have easy and safe access to the parts of the house where you want to install frieze boards.

Step 1

Extend a measuring tape along the lower end of the sides of the house or building where you want to install the frieze board and record your findings in linear feet. Purchase 10 percent more than required to make up for sections that are damaged during the installation process.

Step 2

Set the frieze board along the top corner of the house, directly under the soffit, or the space on the lower side of the eave. Line up the board under the soffit. Press the board against the corner of the house.

Step 3

Hammer a column of three 2 1/2-inch siding nails 2 inches apart at the edge of the wood to secure the frieze board into place. Continue to hammer a column of identical nails every 8 inches along the board until you reach the other end.

Step 4

Hold the end of a second frieze board flush against the end of the previous board. If it takes more than one board to span the house, butt the ends to form a tight seam and a continual board. Hammer a nail into the end of the board to secure it, and repeat the process of pounding nails every 8 inches. Continue the process of installing frieze boards until you reach the end of the first side of the house.

Step 5

Cut the last board to the required length with a circular saw so it fits the available space. Nail this cut board into the space along the end of the first side of the house. Repeat this process of installing frieze boards along the remaining sides of the house.