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How to Get Electricity to a Remote Cabin

Cynthia Myers

Your dream cabin in the mountains has beautiful scenery, rustic surroundings and the privacy you've longed for. But no electricity make running lights, appliances and your computer difficult. You need a way to get electricity to your remote cabin. This could mean negotiating with your local power company, or finding a way to supply off-grid power to make your home everything you want it to be.

Electricity makes a cabin more comfortable.

Conventional Electrical Lines

  1. Determine the closest source of electricity to your cabin. Look for transformers on poles along roads leading to the cabin. Talk to your neighbors and ask them what they do for power.

  2. Contact the public utility that provides electricity in the area. They will determine how far your cabin is from utility access. If your cabin is located more than a prescribed distance from the power source you will have to pay to have poles planted and lines run for your power. The power company my charge you a fee to construct the power lines to your property, or they may require you to hire an independent contractor to install the lines.

  3. Set up a payment plan with your utility company to pay for running electric lines to your cabin. Depending on the company, they may allow you to pay the cost over a number of years, with payments added to your electric bill until you've covered the entire amount. For very large sums, however, they may require payment up front. Each company will have its own policy.

Off-Grid Power

  1. Determine how much electricity you need to provide for your home. Review electric bills from your former home to see how many kilowatts you used each month. (Reference 2) Plug these figures into an online calculator to determine the size solar panels or wind turbine you'll need to install.

  2. Choose an alternative source of power: solar or wind. Conduct a site survey to determine if you have sufficient sunlight or wind speed for solar or wind power.

  3. Install solar panels or a wind turbine or hire a company to do the work for you.

  4. Tip

    Electric companies may refuse to run power lines to some remote locations, deeming it impractical to do so.