How to Move an Atmos Energy Gas Meter

Rachel Lucio

An improvement on a property, convenient access or even aesthetic appeal may be reasons for consumers to want their Atmos Energy gas meter relocated.

Gas meters are owned and maintained by the gas utility.

However, it is not a simple matter of moving the meter from one spot to another; gas line location, underground utilities and local codes must be taken into consideration. This can be a costly and complicated matter that requires planning as well as the services of a professional. Atmos Energy, the largest natural gas provider in the United States, encourages users to contact the customer service department to discuss moving their gas meter.

  1. Select a new location for the gas meter. Take into consideration proximity to the home, accessibility for the homeowner as well as Atmos Energy personnel, and any future building or property improvements that may obstruct the unit. Select an alternate location as well; your first choice may not be available due to the position of gas lines, distance from the gas main, and city or county ordinances. The new location must be reviewed and approved by Atmos Energy.

  2. Arrange for an Atmos Energy project specialist to make an inspection and provide a cost estimate. The cost is the responsibility of the property owner, even though Atmos Energy owns the meter. Estimates are based primarily on the distance that the meter will need to be moved and a flat service fee. Other variables, such as existing underground utility lines, obstructions and necessary improvements to meet local code requirements, may increase the price.

  3. Schedule excavation. Atmos Energy personnel or an authorized licensed contractor will conduct the excavation and moving of the gas meter.

  4. Warning

    Working with natural gas is extremely dangerous. Relocation of a gas meter should be performed by a licensed or certified professional.

    Attempting to move a gas meter on your own may be illegal in your state.