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How to Disguise a Washer Drain Box

Jolene Armand

A washer drain box is recessed into the wall near a washing machine. The box usually houses the shut-off valve for the machine's water supply. Within the confines of a laundry room, a washer drain box is not a terrible eyesore. If your laundry area is part of your kitchen or living room, however, you may want to hide your drain box. Because the washer drain box is important for maintaining your washer and dryer, you can't conceal it permanently; however, there are some tricks you can use to hide it temporarily.

Step 1

Use a window space to conceal a washer drain box. If your washer box is near a window, you can use extra curtain fabric to hide the plumbing. If the drain box is next to the window, select extra-wide curtain rods and additional fabric to extend the curtains over the drain box. Even if your drain box is under the window, you can employ a nontraditional -- though appealing -- solution: Simply install an additional curtain road and curtain underneath the window so as to cover the drain box.

Step 2

Place a picture over your drain box. You will need to select a framed picture with a hard back cover to ensure that the frame will sit correctly over the drain box. It is also important that the perimeter of the frame exceed the box's perimeter by at least 2 inches, if not more than that. This will help the frame sit evenly over the box. Do not select a high-quality painting for this purpose, as leaks sometimes occur at the drain box. This technique will only work if the pipes and hoses do not protrude from the box.

Step 3

Hang a series of hooks just above the drain box. Space the hooks so that they are 2 inches apart. Hang a kitchen towel that matches the room's decor from each hook. This will conceal the drain box, while still allowing easy access to the plumbing.

Step 4

Place furniture in front of the drain box. It is important to only use lightweight furniture that can be quickly moved when access to the box is needed. Do not use furniture that can be damaged by water. The best choice for this is a heavy-duty plastic rolling cart. The plastic is water-resistant, and the wheels allow you to move the cart out of the way quickly when necessary. A rolling cart is also an ideal place to store laundry supplies.