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How to Anchor Down Deck Blocks

Larry Simmons

Deck blocks are preformed concrete blocks used as a rest for the placement of wooden frame planks or posts. The deck is set into a series of the blocks, which sit flat onto the ground, supporting the deck above the surface. While the blocks help to dissipate the weight of the deck over a wide area, unless the blocks are anchored down, the deck can still suffer blow-away from extreme winds.

Step 1

Call the building inspector’s office for your area to determine the spacing needed for anchoring down the deck.

Step 2

Plant 15-inch-long hoop anchors into the ground about 6 inches from the edge of installed floating deck floor at the corners of the deck placed 6 inches away from the corner. Drive the point of the anchor into the ground until the auger at the point is at the ground surface, and then put a straight rod into the hoop. Turn the rod to twist the anchor into the ground until the eye on the anchor is even with the ground surface. Set the anchors so that each anchor is located directly across the deck from the anchor on the opposite side.

Step 3

Attach one end of the cable to an anchor by passing 6 inches of the cable through the eye of the anchor and then looping the cable over the eye to rest against the fill cable length. Place the loop of a U-shaped wire rope clip over the cable overlap and secure the clip in place by slipping the base of the clip over the loop ends and tightening the two clip nuts over the clip ends.

Step 4

Pass the cable between the support board at the edge of the floating deck, over the deck frame and then back down between the support board on the other side of the deck. Pass the cable through the anchor eye on the other side of the deck, overlap the end and cut it at the 6-inch overlap length with bolt cutters. Attach a clip to the other end of the cable to hold it to the second eye, anchoring the deck down.

Step 5

Repeat the process for the other anchoring sets, spacing each pair of anchors according to the building code requirements for your area.