How to Make a P-Trap With Elbows

P-traps are plumbing fixtures designed to keep pools of water inside the lower portions of piping to prevent sewer gases from coming into your home.
Use a P-trap for sink drainage.Use a P-trap for sink drainage.
The fixtures also catch larger items and prevent them from entering the drain system, as well as provide an easy access point. To create a P-trap with an access point, use elbows featuring threaded slip nuts so you can remove the trap to clear out any debris.

Step 1

Lay the waste bend pipe down on a table, so that the straight end is pointed to the left and the 90-degree slip nut's opening is facing toward you. Remove the slip nut and ring from the threaded end of the waste pipe.

Step 2

Place the next 90-degree elbow featuring a slip-to-slip end on the table. Match one end of the elbow to the waste bend’s slip nut opening. Slide the nut and the ring over the end of the elbow that is aligned with the waste bend pipe. Insert the slip nut into the waste pipe opening and point the elbow's opposite end toward the right. Thread the nut on by hand until it is secure.

Step 3

Set the third elbow with the hub-to-hub ends on the table. Match one hub end to the slip end of the elbow that you attached to the waste bend pipe. Apply pipe adhesive to the inside of the hub that is aligned with the slip opening using the pipe brush that comes with the adhesive. Push the hub over the slip end of the elbow until it is firmly in place. Point the opposite hub end away from you.

Step 4

Apply pipe adhesive to the inside of the hub that is pointing away from you using the pipe brush. Insert the slip end of the inlet pipe into the hub of the elbow until it fits snugly. Allow the adhesive to dry according to the label's recommendations before running water through the P-trap.

Step 5

Attach the P-trap to the plumbing.

Things You Will Need

  • Waste bend pipe
  • Slip-to-slip elbow
  • Hub-to-hub elbow
  • Inlet pipe
  • Pipe adhesive


  • A slip end, or male adapter, is designed to be inserted inside another pipe.
  • A hub, or female adapter, is made to allow another pipe to be inserted inside.
  • A slip nut, a pipe with a threaded end, includes a washer-type ring and a nut.

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