How to Make a Modern Nightstand

A simple and sleek nightstand that can be modified to fit individual needs and reflect personal styles.

We like to keep our space as simple and clutter-free as possible. Clean room, clean mind, right? So, we came up with this easy DIY nightstand whose clean lines and functional design help to create a calming space.

Use a measuring tape to measure out 24 inches and a carpenter's square or ruler to mark a cut line.

Make the first cut with a circular saw.

Measure out another 24 inches and make another cut.

Measure out 15 inches and make another cut line.

Make the cut with a circular saw.

Cut the remaining board into two lengths of 15 inches.

Smooth each piece with an orbital sander. Pay special attention to the ends, as they will be exposed.

Wipe each piece until it's free of dust, then apply a coat of polycrylic.

Drill pilot holes for all screws. The pattern for each side piece is as follows: 3/4 inch from the top, drill three holes at 3/4 inch from the left side, 3/4 inch from the right side, and in the center. At 3/4 inch from the bottom, drill three holes at the same measurements.

Getting your pieces to square isn't difficult, but it does take a bit of patience. Prop up one of the side pieces on two of the shelf pieces. Line up the side with one of the shelves and attach one screw. Keep the first screw loose for the moment in case you need to pivot the side board to keep it square. Make sure the corners are aligned and screw into the opposite side. Finish with the center screw. Hold each piece firmly and apply pressure as you drive the screws to attach the pieces.

Pat yourself on the back. You've built your very own modern nightstand!

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About the Author

Ben and Jessie Uyeda are a brother and sister team who teach people how to make affordable modern furniture by publishing DIY design videos online. Ben brings a professional background in architecture and digital media while Jessie pulls from her experiences as a former lumber jack and mill worker.