How to Install a Doorstop

Tired of door handles knocking scuff marks, holes and dents into your walls? Put up some doorstops to solve the problem.

  1. First decide on a type of doorstop. Choose from a wall-mounted rubber stop that cushions the impact of the door handle, or a spring-loaded or solid-shaft stop that mounts to the baseboard.

  2. Mark the exact spot where the doorknob comes in contact with the wall if you're using the wall-mounted type. Attach the stop to the wall using the supplied screw. Consider using a plastic molly anchor if the doorstop's position leaves it with only drywall for support.

  3. Locate and mark a spot on the baseboard about two inches from the swinging edge of the door if you're using a baseboard-mounted doorstop. Then either screw the shaft of the stop directly into the wall from its own base, or use separate screws to attach it to the baseboard.

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