How to Hang a Bicycle in a Garage on an S-Hook

How to Hang a Bicycle in a Garage on an S-Hook. Hanging a bicycle in a garage can keep the garage organized, save on space and protect the bike. Follow these steps to hang your bike with an S-hook.

Step 1

Decide where you want hang the bike and if you want to hang it vertically or horizontally. You should put it in a corner, especially if you want to park your car in the garage.

Step 2

Find out how much the bike weighs. An S-hook can hold a bicycle vertically or horizontally by the tires. The size of the hook is determined by the weight of the bike. Ask a staff member at the hardware store what the weight specifications are for each size. Make sure the S-hook is wide enough to fit around the tire of the bicycle.

Step 3

Install the hook. Drill a hole smaller than the threads of the hook you are using into the ceiling or wall with a power drill. Use a screwdriver to attach any hardware that the hook came with or just screw in the S-hook.

Step 4

Hang the bicycle from the hook.