How to Clean a Gas Grill

Cleaning a gas grill is essential for many reasons.

Cleaning Instructions After Each Use

It protects the grill, prolongs its life and keeps it in check for safety purposes. It is a rather easy task that needs great attention now and again. The following will help you in your efforts of having a clean and safe grilling experience. .

Scrub grates with a wire brush. It is best to do this when the grill is still warm.

Rub oil with a rag onto cast iron grates.

Once a Year Deep Cleaning

Disconnect the propane or gas tank.

Take the grill apart as much as possible. This will allow easy and correct cleaning for each part.

Remove the cooking grate and clean the barrier above the burners.

Wash the grate with soap and water. If it needs to be re-oiled, wait until you use it again.

Inspect cast iron grates frequently for rust. Repaint if necessary.

Inspect the burner for clogging, cracks or holes. Replace the burner if it is cracked or has a hole. Try to remove the clogging with a pipe cleaner. If unsuccessful, replace the burner.

Check the lava rocks, briquettes or whatever you use at the bottom of the grill. If there is excess food, either clean or replace them. Too much grease or food buildup may cause a fire.

Clean the outside of the grill with soap and water.

Check for rusted paint. Sand and repaint if necessary.

Use a wire brush, soap and water to clean the inside surfaces.

Reassemble the grill.

Reconnect the propane or gas tank at the first grilling.

Start the grill and allow it to sit 10 minutes before grilling. This will burn off any cleaner that has not been removed.

Things You Will Need

  • Grill Cover
  • Rag
  • Soap
  • Wire Brush
  • Tools to Disassemble the Grill
  • Water
  • Garage or Shed
  • Cooking Oil


  • Keep the grill covered when not in use.
  • Store the grill in a garage or shed during winter months when possible.