How to Build a Gazebo

There is nothing more attractive for an outdoor space than a well-crafted gazebo. A gazebo can be an open or enclosed structure with a variety of uses. Large or small, for parties or quiet evenings sitting in a garden, a gazebo adds character and dimension to a yard. Building a gazebo can be a relatively quick and easy project with the right materials. Read on to learn how to build a gazebo.

  1. Order a gazebo kit from a home improvement store or online. Kits come with most of the supplies needed and measured detailed drawings for gazebo construction.

  2. Purchase the rest of the needed supplies using the list provided with your gazebo kit. Ask an in store expert for help in gathering the items.

  3. Choose an area for your gazebo before the kits arrives. The area should be level and well away from power lines.

  4. Prepare the area for the gazebo by framing out the spot with 2 by 4 pieces of plywood. Clear the area of rocks and debris. Depending on the kit you purchased you may also need to pour concrete footings to secure corner posts.

  5. Get friends to help you on the day of delivery and to assist with the actual construction. This is definitely a two man or more job.

  6. Unpack the boxes, keeping items for the floor, walls and ceiling separate.

  7. Begin by assembling the floor. Most gazebos are an octagon shape and the kit floor will come in eight sections. The floor boards will be nailed on top of each section to assemble the deck.

  8. Follow remaining kit instructions for assembling the walls and ceiling.


  • Most outdoor construction of this type requires a permit. Check with your local government before beginning any building project.

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