How to Wax Hardwood Floors

Sometimes considered a controversial treatment for hardwood floors, adding wax to your hardwood floor can improve its look relatively quickly.

If the floor's appearance doesn't improve with a deep clean or by buffing, adding wax may be the solution. Wax is easy to clean and buff. It is also easy to add wax to continuously improve the look of your hardwood floor. .

Prepare the floor by sweeping or vacuuming to remove loose dirt so that it can't scratch or be ground into the floor's surface. Then do a light damp mopping to ensure that there isn't any grease or dust.

Allow the floor to completely dry before you apply the wax.

Spread the wax evenly and thinly on the floor. If you can see opaque streaks, then the application is too thick. After the entire floor is covered, let it dry for at least one half-hour.

Apply a second coat of wax. The wood will soak up the first coat of wax and other subsequent coats.

Repeat the process of applying the wax and letting it dry between coats until a thin layer remains on the surface when it is dry.

Use a rotary polisher to get a shine.

Buff your floor to revive its original look. Instead of adding more wax, you can just buff the floor to make it shine again. Using a large, heavy machine on your floor instead of a small machine will give you a brighter shine to your hardwood floor.


  • Wax your floor once or twice a year, about as often as you would shampoo your carpet.
  • It may be necessary to wax the floor more often in drier climates, during the winter and in heavy traffic areas.


  • Be sure to properly strip your hardwood floor before recoating the floor. A floor that isn't properly prepared could lead to adhesion problems.
  • Apply wax to your hardwood floor only if you don't plan on refinishing it in the near future.
  • Use the wax sparingly. Applying too much wax can result in build up that will darken the floor.