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How to Clean Wet Swiffer Residue From Hardwood Floors

Constance Barker

Residue left behind by a Swiffer WetJet may leave your hardwood floors looking spotty or drab. While using the Swiffer WetJet provides a simple cleaning process, you may inadvertently miss spots of cleaner when wiping the floor. Remove the cleaning residue from the floor as soon as possible as moisture left on hardwood can warp the wood planks.

Remove wet Swiffer residue from hardwood floors with a clean cloth.
  1. Wipe wet residue left from a Swiffer product from hardwood flooring with a clean cloth. Use wide strokes as you wipe to remove all wetness from the floor.

  2. Spray the affected area with a wood floor cleaner or polish. The wood cleaner or polish will restore shine to the hardwood.

  3. Buff the area with a soft cloth. Use aggressive pressure as you work the cloth in circular motions to give the flooring a high sheen.