How to Install a Front Door Knocker

A door knocker is an inexpensive way to add visual appeal and practicality to an exterior front door entrance.

If you have a little time and the appropriate tools, you can install exterior door hardware by following a few simple steps.

Determine the type of door knocker installation that is required. Some door knockers are installed so that holes are drilled through the door and hardware from the inside of the door holds the knocker in place. Other types do not require holes to be drilled through the door, but are installed by being screwed into the surface of the exterior of the door.

Decide on where to position the door knocker on the front door. Position the fixture so that it is accessible at a reasonable height. The average person should be able to reach the door hardware.

Use a level to check the position of the knocker so it will not appear crooked.

Align the template, if one was included with the door hardware. Use it to pinpoint the placement of the knocker. If you don't have a template, firmly press the back of the knocker against the door to imprint the lug positions on the surface of the door. This will mark where to drill the holes, which you should mark again with a pencil.

Drill holes into the marked areas on the door. Be sure to drill the holes as straight as possible to keep the door knocker level.

Press the door knocker into place on the exterior side of the door. Utilize the bolts, nuts and any other hardware provided, as directed in the instructions. Make sure all hardware is firmly tightened.

Stand back and admire your workmanship. You've made your front door entrance more appealing by installing exterior door hardware and, best of all, you did it yourself.

Things You Will Need

  • Door knocker and hardware
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Hacksaw
  • Electric drill
  • Drill bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench


  • If bolts are too long, use a hacksaw to cut them to the appropriate length.


  • Be careful when drilling through hollow doors. It is more difficult to drill a straight hole when working with a hollow door. Make sure the holes are drilled straight to keep the door knocker level.