How to Hang a Picture on Brick

When decorating your home, hanging pictures or paintings on your walls gives the room a beautiful finishing touch. Hanging a picture on a brick wall is not as difficult as it may seem. If you have the right tools, anyone can easily hang a picture on brick.

  1. Purchase brick hooks. You must use brick hooks for hanging pictures on brick because they come with a special nail that are unbendable. If you use normal nails, they will bend or break and may damage your brick wall.

  2. Choose 30 lb., 50 lb. or 100 lb. brick hooks depending on the weight and size of the picture you are going to be hanging. With each 30 lb. hook, one special nail is also included. With the 50 lb. or 100 lb. hooks, two nails are included for each hook.

  3. Mark the place where you will be inserting each hook with a pencil. Measure to make sure the marks are level.

  4. Drill a pilot hole using a 1/8 inch masonry drill bit, holding the drill at a 45 degree downward angle. Try to drill into the mortar joint instead of the brick itself if possible.

  5. Insert the special nail through your brick hook and into the pilot hole that you drilled. Hammer the nail tightly into the wall. Repeat until you have all your hooks on the wall. Hang your picture onto the hooks.

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