DIY Stonework Shed

Dennis Hartman

Adding a shed to your property will provide a place to store tools and work on special projects. It can also be a visual embellishment in your yard if it makes use of materials and design elements that fit in the space or recall parts of your home or the landscape.

Stone sheds can last much longer than their wood counterparts.

A stonework shed is highly durable and lends a rustic look to a setting. You can construct a basic stone shed yourself if the construction site and shed type comply with local building codes.

  1. Select the site for your shed and dig up any turf grass or other plants growing there. Use a shovel to move and remove soil until you have a level surface that is several inches below the level of the surrounding earth. Check the surface by using a level at various locations and in different orientations to avoid an unwanted slope.

  2. Spread crushed stone over your level base to create a foundation for your shed. Add stone until the foundation is several inches deep. Measure the base's level again to ensure that it is even in all directions.

  3. Place a large stone at one corner of your foundation to begin the shed walls. Arrange stones by shape and size so that you can select them quickly as you work.

  4. Mix up water and portland cement mix according to the cement manufacturer's directions. Mix with a piece of scrap lumber in a metal troth or wheelbarrow using water from a hose so that you can get your mix to the right consistency.

  5. Plaster cement onto one side of the cornerstone. Place another large stone next to it, making sure it contacts the cement. Continue building the wall by laying cement with a trowel and adding stones, working upward only when one row, or rank, is completed.

  6. Insert metal brackets into the wet cement that holds together the top rank of each stone wall. Attach plywood sheets to act as roofing material by sliding them into the brackets once the cement has dried.

  7. Cement door hinges into place and add any doors or windows to your shed. Seal openings that would allow water into the shed with cement or caulk. Install wooden shelving or cabinets to the shed interior.


If you want your stonework shed to have windows or doors, nail together simple lumber forms to support the stone ranks above them. Remove the forms only once the entire stonework shed is complete and all of the cement is dry.


Only use cement that is wet and has the proper consistency described by the manufacturer. Using cement that is too wet or too dry will cause your shed to lose structural integrity and potentially collapse.