How to Make a Projector Screen

For most guys, and even some gals, having a home theater is a must.

Of course a large projector for viewing your favorite movies or sporting events is a given. So you will likely need a projector screen for the best, most quality viewing experience. Making your own projector screen is easy and requires only a few tools.

Purchase a do-it-yourself project screen plan or find one on the Internet. Using a plan to guide you through the process will be invaluable, as it will save time and money on building materials. It takes all the guesswork away and leaves you with specific instructions.

Buy the necessary materials for building your screen. Depending on your plan, the building materials may vary. In general, you will need seamless, pure white fabric or paper, black fabric for the sides of the projector, wood for the frame, framing corners, glue and staples, and wall-hanging materials.

Construct the wood frame according to your plan. Be sure to properly measure your materials before making cuts, keeping in mind the size of the area that will hold the screen. Remember to measure twice and cut once.

Attach the white screen and black edging to the frame based on the instructions. Be sure to maintain in a clean environment when working with the screen to avoid stains or smears, which will degrade your viewing experience.

Affix the wall-hanging materials to the framed screen and hang it in your selected space.

Turn on your projector and test out the screen, making necessary adjustments to the picture.

Pop some popcorn or grab your favorite snack, pull up a chair and enjoy.

Things You Will Need

  • Do-it-yourself guide for projector screens
  • Building materials
  • Tools for construction
  • Projector and movie to test your finished screen