How to Install a Door Sweep

If you notice the floor is cold near your door, get rid of the draft with a door sweep which seals the space at the bottom of the door and protects your home against the elements. It is easily installed with very basic hand tools and can actually save you money while costing less than $20.

  1. Determine if you can use a door sweep in your situation. Look at the threshold of your door frame. If the floor in the room is higher or even with it, you probably cannot use a door sweep and need to attach weather stripping to the threshold itself.

  2. Measure the width of your door then buy a door sweep that is at least as big as your door. Cut the sweep down to the appropriate size. Use a hack saw to cut through the metal and a heavy duty scissors to cut through the vinyl part of the sweep.

  3. Remove an old door sweep and any other hardware on the bottom of the door.

  4. Shut and lock the door to ensure that you do not place the sweep in a way that will make it hard to shut or lock the door later.

  5. Position the door sweep so that the metal strip is lined up with the bottom of the door and the vinyl sweep hangs underneath. Use masking tape to hold it in place.

  6. Attach the door sweep using the screws that came with it. If none came with it, use 1/4 to 1/2-inch screws that match the color of the sweep.

  7. Test the door to ensure that is still opens, closes and locks easily. Readjust the sweep if the door does not function properly.


  • Cut the sweep to size so that the rough edge is near the hinges and cannot cut someone walking through the door.
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