How to Sand a Door Frame

Doors that stick inside the door frame can become very annoying. It can take muscle power to open and close a door that does not fit properly inside the frame. A slight amount of sanding will quickly remove any high points that create a sticking door. Sanding a door isn't hard, and can be accomplished quite quickly if you know exactly what to do.

Sanding Block

Step 1

Purchase a flat sanding block at a home improvement center.  A sanding block evenly distributes the pressure while sanding.

Step 2

Place the sandpaper onto the sanding block.  The sandpaper will wrap around the bottom of the block and both ends will attach inside the block.

Step 3

Replace the sandpaper when areas of the paper become bare. 


Step 1

Start sanding the door frame with medium grade (80-grit) sandpaper.  Sand until the paint is removed or until the door opens and closes without touching the door frame.

Step 2

Sand the frame again with fine (120-grit) sandpaper.  This will remove wood that was scratched during the first sanding.

Step 3

Finish the job with extra-fine (220-grit) sandpaper.  Extra-fine sandpaper will leave a smooth finish on the wood.

Things You Will Need

  • Sanding block
  • Sandpaper


  • Perhaps a new coat of paint is in order for the door and frame. Painting over glossy paint will require a small amount of sanding to remove the gloss from the paint. This will ensure that the new paint will adhere properly.
  • Always sand the wood in the direction of the wood grain.

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