How to Change Sandpaper on a Black & Decker Belt Sander

Kenneth Crawford

The Black and Decker belt sander makes quick work of large sanding projects. Whether you have a cordless sander or electrical unit, the sander operation is generally the same. In time the sandpaper belt that rotates over the front and rear roller drums will require replacement.

Changing sandpaper on a Black and Decker belt sander requires using the correct width for your sander. Measure the width of the old belt before purchasing a new one. Sandpaper belts are available at home improvement centers.


If you are unsure of the width you need, take the old belt to the store for a replacement. Match the new belt to the old one to ensure you purchase the correct width for your Black and Decker sander.

  1. Unplug the Black and Decker belt sander power cord from the wall outlet. Find the lever on the side of the belt sander below the body. Pull the lever forward to release the tension on the belt.

  2. Slide the old sandpaper belt off the belt sander front and rear rollers. Look for the arrows on the inside of the new sandpaper belt and the arrow on the side of the belt sander.

  3. Place the new sandpaper belt over the rollers with the arrow on the sandpaper pointing in the same direction as the arrow on the sander. Push the belt over the rollers until the edge of the sandpaper is even with the sides of the rollers.

  4. Push the lever on the side of the sander back into position. The front and rear wheels will move toward the end of the sander and lock in place.