How to Remove Water Stains From Leather Furniture

Because leather furniture tends to be expensive, finding a stain on it is understandably upsetting. As long as the stain is the result of water, you can easily return the leather surface to like-new condition with little more than additional water. The problem with a water spot on leather is the outline that is left when the water dries. Proceed carefully when blending the outline with the surrounding area to avoid making the stain worse instead of removing it.

Keep your leather furniture surface attractive by removing water stains.

Step 1

Soak the new sponge with clean, room-temperature water and then wring it thoroughly. You need it to be as dry as possible

Step 2

Lightly wet the entire cushion or stained area with the dampened sponge.

Step 3

Start at the water spot and work your way outward. Be careful not to scrub; you just want to moisten the leather. The goal is to have the moisture level decrease the farther you get from the spot.

Step 4

Allow the leather to dry once the edges of the stain are blended in with the rest of the leather. Treat it with leather conditioner, following the directions on the conditioner's packaging.