How to Repair a Lawn Chair

If you need to repair a lawn chair because it was the victim of a windstorm or just one too many sittings, you may be able to fix it yourself. There are several items that can be damaged on a lawn chair--webbing, frame and connections--but all can be repaired.

Fix the Frame

  1. Look for missing or loose screws. Check all connections to find which screws are missing. Replacement screws can easily be secured at your local hardware. Take off a matching screw as a template.

  2. Find a local welder if the metal frame is broken. Secure a price for the welding.

  3. Attach the brace, if necessary. Many frames have braces that hold the chair in sitting position. This brace can easily be jostled loose when you pack your chair way for the winter. Secure the part and replace it.

  4. Order a spacer if your plastic spacer is missing or broken. The chair can be taken apart by removing the screws. A new plastic spacer can be put in the necessary area, and the chair reassembled.

Repair the Webbing

  1. Replace the webbing. A broken piece of webbing doesn't mean that you throw away the chair. Purchase either matching vinyl or nylon, depending on the chair.

  2. Remove the broken strap. The straps on patio chairs are secured with either a screw and nut or plastic insert. Take that off.

  3. Cut another piece to match what has been removed. Make certain that you allow for the end to be folded. Stretch the webbing tight across the base of the chair and add 3 1/2 inches if you need to fold the end in a triangle for a more secure connection.

  4. Match the end fold. Most chairs fold end over end or in a triangle fashion, making a V by folding the sides in, and then folding over. Mimic the pattern found on the chair. Use an awl or screwdriver to punch holed in thick areas, and replace the screws or plastic push pin.

  5. Replace all the webbing if you want to repair and make a change at the same time. Replace a few strips first, before moving on to the next strips. This keeps the original pattern always in front of you.

Paint Scratches

  1. Check for scratches or gouges on the painted frame.

  2. Purchase a touch up paint kit to match the chair.

  3. Sand the area to be painted.

  4. Touch up with matching paint. Allow to dry and apply a second coat.

  5. Spray the entire frame if you decide to give the lawn chair a totally new look. Remove the webbing. Sand the entire frame and spray with appropriate paint for the frame material.

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