How to Deal With a House Flood

Dealing with a house flood can be quite challenging. You might return from work one day to find a massive flood in your house. Flooding can cause severe damage to a house and should be taken care of correctly. Floods can be the result of many different causes, from overflowing toilets to violent storms like hurricanes. Read this article for tips on how to deal with a house flood.

  1. Extract the water. First you need to take out the remaining water out of your house. Borrow a water vacuum from a neighborhood, or go out and buy one. Sometimes you can hire a professional to come to your house and do it.

  2. Check out the baseboards around the house or the area where the flooding occurred. Make sure they are still intact and not absorbing anymore water. They can get moldy and start to rot.

  3. Take out any furniture in the area that was flooded. Save your furniture from any extra wetness. If you can and if it is a dry day, take the furniture outside to dry out in the sun.

  4. Pull out the carpets if possible. If the carpet stays wet it can rot the rest of the floor and create bad odours. If your carpet is covering the whole area of the floor, then you will need a special vacuum to suck up the wetness.

  5. Spray air freshener after all of the furniture has been dried out, the floor has dried, and when the carpets are dry. Use a deodorizer powder on the furniture and carpets, if needed.

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