How to Buy Cuisinart Replacement Parts

Cuisinart is a maker of quality appliances that many people use in their kitchens. Cuisinart is one of the top sellers of coffee makers, food processors, juicers and blenders. Since you probably don't want to buy a brand new appliance in the case of breakage, you should know where to find replacement parts.

  1. Contact the Cuisinart company directly. Look online for their customer service number or get the contact information from the manual that came along with your appliance. Let them know the part that you need and see if they can ship it out to you directly.

  2. Go to a store that sells Cuisinart appliances. Sears and J.C. Penney both carry Cuisinart appliances, so they are likely going to be able to order you a replacement part if you need it.

  3. Look online for Cuisinart replacement parts. My Appliance Parts and Culinary Parts each has a large selection of Cuisinart parts that can be bought online and shipped directly to your home.

  4. Check the part number. Before you place your order, you should check to see if the replacement part is compatible with your appliance.

  5. Compare the prices. Sometimes a replacement part is not going to be much less than buying a whole new appliance. Compare the two prices before you buy the Cuisinart replacement piece.

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