How to Remove Wax From a Glass Tabletop

Burning candles on a glass tabletop, or any other glass surface is a good idea. Glass is a non-porous surface, so it is easier to remove wax from glass than it is from wood, or other porous surfaces. This is the main reason why many candle holders are made from glass.

Freeze the wax by rubbing an ice cube over the wax that has dripped onto your glass tabletop.

Scrape off the wax using a blunt knife, a single edged razor or a credit card.

Heat any small remains of wax that might be left on the glass surface using a hair dryer.

Use your scraper again to remove the heated wax remains.

Pour boiling water onto the glass tabletop if you still have wax remaining. Put a clean rag over the boiling water and then scrub the area clean.

Clean the tabletop with glass cleaner once all of the candle wax has been removed.


  • If you want to burn candles on a wooden, or other porous surface, place a glass mirror under your candles before lighting them. The glass is much easier to clean the wax drips off of, and the mirror reflects the candle light creating a more dramatic effect.


  • If using a razor to scrap with, be sure to use a single edge and not a double edged so you do not cut yourself.
  • Use care when wiping up the boiling water. You need to wipe it before it cools too much so be sure to use a thick cloth so you do not get burned.

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